Our goal is to become America's most trusted place to find a fur family member.

Buyer Safety
Buyer Safety

We aim to reduce the amount of scams online by providing a breeder review platform.

Registration Checks
Registration Checks

We ensure all breeders are verified and pass strict requirements. (Coming Soon)

Registered Breeders
Registered Breeders

Only registered breeders or an adoption agency/pound are able to post pets online.

No Puppy Mills
No Puppy Mills

We have zero tolerance for puppy mills. You report it, we delete it.

We focus on breeder accountability

We want to provide pet lovers a safe community in finding their forever fur friend.

You'll find reviews from real people - satisfied or not! Review your breeder here.

“Our pup arrived in great condition and was obviously well cared for and loved.”

Anonymous reviewed Zoe Cherry

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“If you are looking for a genuine, experienced, and exceptional breeder, I cannot recommend Kelly from Furever Furbabies enough!”

Anonymous reviewed Tamara

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“Jessica is caring and lovely, her pups are amazing, all so tiny and I am soo happy I found her!”

Anonymous reviewed Jessica Barington

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“Great thank you so much Sharon, two beautiful puppies.”

Anonymous reviewed Sharon

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Reporting Tool

You report it, we block it.

Safe & Secure

We individually check every IP address and block all scams & reported scammers.


We encourage you to review your breeder and share any online scams within our breeder review section.

Breeder Support

We have teamed up with RPBA to provide benefits to support ethical breeders.

Breeder Verification

We provide breeder verification.

Support Local

We are American owned & operated unlike many others.

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